At Family Church we believe what Jesus said, that we are one body and that we ALL are important and necessary! We want everyone to serve because that is how God said he designed it to be. We encourage EVERYONE at Family Church to serve somewhere. 

Areas to serve

Every one of the teams below have a variety of serving roles. We will give you a board overview. If your interested in serving or want more information on a team just fill out the form on the bottom of the page and we will get back with you!


Kids ministry  is for infants through 5th grade. There are so many ways to serve! You could rock babies. You could help check-in families. You could teach a class or be a helper in a class. You could help clean rooms anytime during the week. You could help prep crafts anytime during the week. We will train you and help you in any area that might interst you!


Youth ministry is for 6th through 12th grade. We meet every Sunday night at our Ebenezer Campus! You could help prepare meals for the students. You could be a game leader. You could be a small group leader. You could be a large group leader. You could help plan missions trips or retreats. We will train you and help you in any area that might interest you!


We believe in generosity! We love having West Michigan only 100% FREE café! You could help make coffee. You could serve donuts or pizza. You could make lemonade or tea. You could make cappuccinos or lattes. You could bake cookies. We will train you and help you in any area that might interest you! 


We can always use help in our IT area for both campuses! We could use help with our website! We could use help with marketing for the church at large for special events church wide. We always are in need for new photos to help our website as well. This is behind the scenes place to serve. We will train you and help you in any area that might interest you!


We have a fun group of people that love to clean both campuses, whether it is bathrooms, vacuuming, cleaning toys, cleaning the sanctuary and the cafe. This team loves to serve together and they would love to help you get community within the church and serve both campuses behind the scenes!

Guest Reception

We love making our guest feel welcome! If you love doing this as well, and want to help us do this at both campuses, all you need to do is show up early before the service and make people feel welcome as they come to you and answer questions about events, how to get involved etc. We will help train you about the details that you need to know for this position!


We are passionate to reach out to our community and around the world. We provide mission trips and several community events throughout the community. If you want to help in any way we would love to empower you and help you bless our community and those around the world!


We have a very full parking lot. With a full lot comes the need for directing cars. We have a need for people to help at both campuses directing traffic and helping our guest know where to go, so they feel comfortable! If you are interested we will help train you where to go and what to say! 

Prayer Team

Prayer is so important to us! Without prayer church is pointless! We want to remain in communion with our Heavenly Father in all areas of ministry in our church! If you are a prayer warrior and want to get involved there are several times throughout the service people pray and several times people gather together to lift others in prayer! If you are interested we would love to give you more details! 

Security Medical

We want to keep everyone safe and have people on call in case of a medical emergency. We have CPR classes and training on how to be on the security team! If you feel like God has gifted you in this area and or you are interested in being trained please let us know and we will help you get involved in our security and medical teams! 

Care/meal ministry

People go through hard times and need help with meals and encouragement! We provide meals for families with a new born, people who are going through a loss of a love one, and for those who are going through a hard time medically. If God has gifted you with being able to love others and cook really good meals; we would love to empower you for this ministry! If you want to learn how to do this, we would love to train you as well! Let us know if you are interested!


We love making people feel welcome! If you want to help us welcome those who come and make there day with a smile, all you need to do is show up before the service! You stand by the door in the lobby and help people feel welcome and accepted! First impressions are everything! If you are interested and want more training please reach out to us! 


This is one of the most important positions! We can't function into todays world without technology! We have audio volunteers mixing the board, Light controllers, Livestream operators, and lyric operators. If you are good with technology, or want to be trained to help behind the scenes, we would love to empower you to do this! 

Worship Instrumental

Do you have the gift of playing music with an instrument? We would love to have you use that gift at both campuses! This volunteer position allows you to help the worship team with your instrument of choice at whatever campus you feel called. If you are interested all you need to do is submit a video of you playing your instrument and send it to our worship pastor: matt@familychurch.app

Worship Vocal

Do you have amazing pipes? We would love for you to bless our campuses with your God given talent! Singing is a lot of fun! There is something mysterious leading people to the thrown room with your voice! If this is something that interest you please reach out to our worship pastor with a video of you singing and send it to:

Let's work together.

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started and involved!

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

Click the "Sign Up To Serve" box above and fill out that connection card or fill it out during service. Then a team leader will call you to explain on their team works and next steps. 

Volunteering with kids or teens?

Same process with the additional step of a background check. We have to make sure ANYONE who helps in these areas has an even higher level of accountability. Our children's safety is SUPER important.

How often will I serve?

That is up to you and your team leader. We have an AMAZING volunteer culture so most teams only need people to serve around once a month. If you would like to serve more just let your team leader know or serve on multiple teams!

How do I know when I will serve?

We use a program called "Planning Center Services." You will be added to schedules through that and you will get an email letting you know you have been scheduled and you can accept or decline that. If you download that free app you can also block out times you do not want to serve to make it even easier for your leaders.