Small Groups

Why Sign up for a Small Group

Let us share with you Pastor Adam’s experience in a group. Years before Pastor Adam was a Pastor, his wife, Jenny, wanted to join a group. Adam had NO desire to be in a group, but as they say, “Happy wife, happy life,” so they joined a group. On the way to the group, Adam told Jenny, “Do not ask me to speak. Please do not ask me to read Scripture. Do not tell them anything personal about us. Do not try to make me friends with these people.” After several months things began to change. Adam started to like the people in his group. Adam started to open up and talk. A year later, Adam and Jenny could not imagine life without the group, and now Adam is a Pastor! We understand it is hard to step out, but we know groups can change lives if we try it and give it time!

Small groups can help us develop a greater sense of Christian community in a disconnected age. They can facilitate the formation of deeper Christian friendships, encourage greater spiritual accountability among church members, and become a natural opportunity for inviting unbelieving and unchurched (or under-churched) neighbors to interact with a covenant community.  Small groups should never supplant the church. But they can provide a setting where the church begins to experience the kind of closeness that will characterize the life of the redeemed in the age to come.