Family Kids

Jesus loves you, He always has and he always will.

Family Church is a church for you.  From Sunday worship, to our special events, creating a space for you to engage Jesus and the family of Christ is the point day in and day out.  Let's get you connected.

Kids' Ministry @ Ebenezer Campus

Sunday's 8:45 AM and 10:30 AM

Kids' Ministry @ Grace Campus

Sunday's 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM

New to Family Church, Pre-register Your Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I park?

We have parking in the front and back of our building.  If you have kids 5th grade and below, we suggest parking at the lower entrance at the Grace and Ebenezer Campuses for kids' ministry registration. 

Can my kids stay with me in service?

Absolutely! We know it can be hard to step into a new place. If your kids want to take it slow that is fine. A few times a year we have family services where all the kids are upstairs. There are always fun busy bags in the upstairs lobby for kids to take into service with them. 

How does check-in / out work?

When your kids get checked-in you get a sticker that matches their sticker. You keep one and put the one with your child's name on them. Then you drop them off in their room and pick them up at the same place. You can take only the kids who match your sticker.  

Do my kids need anything?

Nope! But we do encourage all our kids to bring their Bibles to church. If they do not have one we will give them one for FREE at the Kids Hub to keep. 

What happens if my child needs me?

We do our bests to help all the kids to have an AMAZING time! But if by some slim chance we cannot we will text you to let you know we need your help. 

What happens in kids church?

When you drop the kids off they get to play games while they wait for all their friends to arrive. Then we go into a time of worship. Then we go into a time of Bible study led by a person or video. Then we break into groups and go deeper. Then we have more fun and wait for you come get them!

What if my child has allergies or special needs?

Please let us know any special needs when you are registering. Our amazing leaders will make sure that we accommodate any needs to the best of our ability. We love all kids and how God created them with such diversity!

What about security?

We take security VERY serious. All our teachers are thoroughly background checked. They are all trained by professional teachers. All our classrooms are locked at the start of service. Throughout service security cameras monitor everything and trained security staff are assigned to kid's ministry.

Still Have questions, please send us an e-mail