We know that no-one likes to feel like an outsider! To help you get to know if Family Church is the right place for you, every quarter we hold a informational lunch! We invite anyone who would like to learn more about Family Church to come. We just ask you to let us know your coming so we can plan accordingly for food and childcare.  

What happens at discover family?

It all starts with some great food! In the Bible we see people gathering around food all the time and we realize there is something about eating with people that helps open us up.
As we are eating Pastor Adam will share the history of the church and answer some common questions. Then staff & key volunteers will explain what goes on in all the different ministries to help you find out where God might be calling you to get involved!
We will wrap up with a time where anyone can ask any questions they would like. Then we encourage everyone to talk with others there and see if you are being called by God to join His Family called on earth the church....hence the name Family Church! 

Want to learn about volunteering?

At Family Church we believe what Jesus said when He said we are ONE body and that we ALL are important and necessary! We want everyone to serve because that is how God said he designed it to be. We encourage EVERYONE to serve somewhere.  Click below and learn more about all the ways you could serve and join us in our mission!